Friday, August 24, 2012

Hair Challenge: Day 30

Celtic Knot

I thought I would save something fun for last, and I really like this one, even if it's super tough to do on your own.

This one is probably pretty simple to do on someone else's hair, but not on your own. I tried and tried and tried to do it behind my head but I just couldn't. Eventually I pulled the hair in front of my head and tied the knot there, and then flipped it over to the back of my head. It works, but you have to make some adjustments so it doesn't look crazy in the front after you've flipped it back.

To re-create:
Here's the tutorial.

This has been fun, but I am glad the month is over so I don't have to worry about finding new hairstyles and can just throw my hair up and go to class :-)

Comment and let me know your favorite!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hair Challenge: Day 29

A French-ified 4 strand braid.

I had to figure out a way to make it "French" since, as always, my hair was too soft for it to stay high enough. The actual braid is really simple.

To re-create:
Separate your hair in 4 sections.
Take the 1st stead and cross it over the 2nd, under the 3rd, and over the 4th.
The 1st strand is now in the position of the 4th strand, and the 2nd strand is in the place of the 1st.
Take your new first strand and cross it over, under, and over like you did with the original 1st strand.

Here's a video tutorial if you need to see it.

To "French-ify" the braid, add a piece of hair to the first strand every time you cross it over the 2nd, and a piece of hair to the 4th strand every time it is crossed under the 1st. I hope that makes sense...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hair Challenge: Day 28

One sided braid

To re-create:
This is a modified french braid. Instead of picking up strands of hair on both sides, only pick up strands on the side away from your face. Here's a picture tutorial.

In other news, I was late to my first Basic Skills class, which wouldn't be a big deal except for the fact that it's taught by THE Dean.

Way to go me.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hair Challenge: Day 27

3 strand side braid

I know it's simple, but I had a rough night last night. I tried two other hairstyles that just weren't working out, so I went with something easy.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hair Challenge: Day 26

Double twisty thing. I'm on the home stretch, four days left!

My hair doesn't look the same as the photo tutorial, but I think it's mainly because my hair is officially long. I had to do some weird tucking to get the twists to fit on my head.

Today is my first day back at school. I've been to one class already, Environmental Law. Even though this is with the professor I got my lowest grade from, I think this class will be better. He seems to really like the subject and to know what he's talking about, which makes a big difference.

I'm listing my schedule mainly for family members, since I know no one else really cares about my daily schedule, and this is easier than emailing everyone.

Environmental Law 9-10:15
Human Subject Research 10:30-11:45 (this class is online for the first 7 weeks I think, so don't worry, I'm not already skipping classes.)
Con Law 1:30-2:45
Work 3-5
Basic Skills Small Group 6-8:30

Wills, Trusts, and Estates 12-1:15

Environmental Law 9-10:15
Human Subject Research 10:30-11:45
Con Law 1:30-2:45
Work 3-5
HUMC Work 6:30-8:30

Wills, Trusts, and Estates 12-1:15
Basic Skills in Advocacy 1:30-2:45

Work 1-5

Mondays and Wednesdays are not going to be any fun :-(

Friday, August 17, 2012

Hair Challenge: Day 25

Twisty bun thing

My hair isn't long enough for it to look as cute as it does in the tutorial, so I have to wait for a while before I do it again.

Also, an update on my life. School starts back on Monday and I really don't want it to. I've been having a HORRIBLE headache for 10 days now. I went to a neurologist today and he said that I'm stuck in a migraine cycle. He gave me some Immitrex and an anti-inflammatory. I'm not doing better yet, but hopefully I'll be better by Monday. I'm just relived it's not something more serious.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hair Challenge: Day 24

I don't know what to call this pony.

I thought I was doing what The Beauty Department calls the piece-y pony, but I wasn't so I guess I made this one up.

To re-create:
Take half of your hair and twist it to the middle-ish part of your head and pin.
Take the other half and twist and pin so it meets the first twist.
Put in a low pony.

I have to say, I don't like much about my body, but I really do love my hair. Especially the natural blonde and the natural highlights I have :-)